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Design Department: We have a conceptual and customer oriented design mentality and accordingly we arrange all the concepts, schematics, regulatory requirements in initial design stage so that the construction (the reality) drawings are effected minimum.

Additionally this department has strong relations with the presentation, material, project department and our customer representatives to ensure the outcome could provide the clients' requirements within his/her budget without a delay in the specified time frame.

The semantics, the functions and the materials are all blended in as per the clients' wishes.

Presentation Department: We use avery new technology for the client to visualize wath he requires before it is built.
The 3 dimensionaland 2 dimensional presentations along with material samples will ensure the client about the real perceptions and the quality of the outcome.
We reach the end product-building-without building it but in the initial phase phase of the prcess we create it by using every possible technology.
The presentations that we make do not search for the real, they are the "realms" themselves.

Project Department: Constructability our most precious priority to ensure the initial design to be built as it is presented and all the team works full time to achieve this goal.
The main function of the department is to collect every necessary input from all the trades, suppliers and to implement those into the construction drawings while protecting the agreed concept.
The design development still continues in this department till the client is satisfied.

In addition to all, our reputation comes from the delivery quality and the most competitive time frame (can be offered in the market) for thr construction drawings.
Because we know the quote ":time is money" especially for the any commercial building investor.
As we follow the project till the commissioning day, we search for perfection and make sure the dream to come true.